Don’t hate me but... I date men for cash!

I was scrimp­ing to pay my bills, then a meal-ticket landed in my lap Shan Mor­gan, 24, Le­ices­ter

Chat - - True-life -

Slurp­ing noo­dles in my uni dorm, I scrolled through In­sta­gram and spot­ted that all my mates were on hol­i­day.

Amer­ica, Dubai…

How could they af­ford it?

While they were jet­set­ting, I was liv­ing on baked beans in stu­dent digs.

A few weeks later, I got chat­ting to them.

I couldn’t help but no­tice their per­fectly man­i­cured nails, gor­geous salon-styled hair and de­signer hand­bags.

‘How on earth do you pay for it all?’ I huffed.

‘We’re su­gar ba­bies,’ they grinned.

Su­gar WHAT?!

Turned out the girls had signed up to a dat­ing site for su­gar dad­dies and su­gar ba­bies – women who re­ceive cash, gifts or hol­i­days from older fel­las.

Some­times a bloke even paid them cash to join him for lunch! It got me think­ing. I’d started mod­el­ling and de­sign­ing my own clothes, but it wasn’t pay­ing my rent or my bills.

More than that, I wanted to be wooed, ro­manced and treated prop­erly.

I wanted a piece of the ac­tion!

So, I signed up, up­loaded a pic­ture of my­self in a nice dress and in a bikini...

I de­scribed my­self as chatty, fun, bub­bly and a bit cheeky.

Then I waited for the first man to con­tact me. Some guys who got in touch had eye-pop­ping in­comes, stat­ing their salary as their user names. Not that I minded.

‘Wow!’ I gasped, clock­ing the

‘I’ll give you £300 if you stay with me overnight’

num­ber of ze­ros af­ter some of the names…

Some were mar­ried – they wanted dis­creet ar­range­ments.

Oth­ers wanted sex, or just a bit of com­pany.

I re­spected their hon­esty. More than the guys my age I’d met on dat­ing apps, who blew hot and cold at the drop of a hat.

Within a week, I matched with a bloke in his 40s who owned a casino.

We met for din­ner in a fancy restau­rant the fol­low­ing week.

Dressed to the nines, I strut­ted in.

He quickly told me he wanted a re­la­tion­ship and ex­clu­siv­ity.

‘I’ll give you £200 per date,’ he said. ‘And £300 if you stay with me overnight.’

The money was tempt­ing, but I didn’t want to be tied down.

We went on three dates, which he paid me for, but there was no spark.

I didn’t want sex if there wasn’t an emo­tional con­nec­tion be­tween us.

It was time to try some­one else. Soon af­ter, I went on a date with a gor­geous, re­cently di­vorced sil­ver fox.

He was 60, but I didn’t mind.

He just wanted some­one to speak to, and I en­joyed his com­pany.

In Jan­uary this year, I got chat­ting to a man in his 30s, a suc­cess­ful en­tre­pre­neur...

Af­ter a few dates, he flew out to China on busi­ness.

Then he texted…

I miss you. Come join me?

So I flew first class, sip­ping cham­pagne! It was a far cry from my noo­dle days, and hon­estly, things be­tween us felt so nat­u­ral. He told his mates we’d met on a dat­ing app for beau­ti­ful peo­ple! Next time, we flew to Lan­zarote, then Can­cun, sunned our­selves on pri­vate beaches in swish five-star ho­tels. He gave me £800 spend­ing money, and I took the left­overs home with me. My rent and bills were no longer a prob­lem. And things were steamy be­tween the sheets. All the perks of a re­la­tion­ship, and none of the com­mit­ment... I was liv­ing the dream! See­ing how much eas­ier and fun my life was be­com­ing as a su­gar baby, I dou­bled, then tripled my ef­forts till I was see­ing three men.

One chap I met in Lon­don for din­ner ev­ery week, bag­ging £500 per meet.

Then there was a man in his 40s from Ire­land I saw once a month.

He paid me £800 cash for a long week­end, and footed the bill for my travel there.

Lastly, there was a lovely Swedish man in his 40s.

He sent me on shop­ping sprees, stuff­ing cash into my purse.

Now, I’m still see­ing all three of my fel­las, and am in a sex­ual re­la­tion­ship with them all.

They know about each other – I’m bru­tally hon­est about that.

And they know I won’t stand for them hav­ing other su­gar ba­bies.

It might not sound fair, but I give them all the at­ten­tion and fun they could pos­si­bly need.

In re­turn, I make up to £2,000 a month and use the cash to pay my bills and stu­dent loans.

I’m sav­ing some to set up my own fash­ion bou­tique, too.

I dream of get­ting mar­ried and hav­ing kids one day.

But for now, I’m liv­ing life to the full.

Life as a su­gar baby has never been so sweet!

I’m liv­ing the high life

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