I’ve made friends – and won big, too!

I’ve won al­most £6,000 play­ing bingo

Chat - - Promotion - Anne Weir, 65, Dar­ling­ton

Iused to love go­ing to the bingo hall but then, in 2011, I heard about Chat Mag Bingo from my daugh­ter Amy, 34.

‘You mean I can play on­line?’ I’d asked sur­prised. ‘It’s fun,’ she grinned. It didn’t take long for me to get the hang of it and I be­gan to en­joy the con­ve­nience.

All the fun of bingo from the com­fort of my kitchen ta­ble.

I could pop the ket­tle on, do a load of laun­dry, and still be a so­cial bingo but­ter­fly.

I’d have small wins once in a while but, hav­ing also won over £3,600 in three big bingo jack­pots, I’d loved treat­ing the fam­ily. I’d even booked a Mediter­ranean cruise, en­joyed a shop­ping trip to Manch­ester and bought things for the house.

It was al­ways a plea­sure to spoil the fam­ily and my­self. Plus, I’d started to make some good friends on­line.

I’d en­joy gos­sip­ing with all of the other girls in the Chat Mag Bingo cha­t­room.

We loved to talk about which bar­gain promo we were get­ting on the next game, like buy two tick­ets, get one free!

And we’d all have a laugh as the num­bers rolled.

My favourite game has to be Tiki Bingo.

It’s great fun, as it’s as lit­tle as a penny to play and the jack­pots could be amaz­ing, as I’d learnt first hand.

Pop­ping the wash­ing on one morn­ing in May this year, I de­cided that I’d log on while I had my feet up.

I could hear my daugh­ter Amy up­stairs, go­ing about her usual morn­ing rou­tine.

My son An­drew, 24, was no doubt still in bed, and I knew that my hubby, Jeff, 60, wouldn’t be home from his night shift for half an hour. Spend­ing £1.10 on 110 penny tick­ets, I watched the num­bers be­ing ticked off. Be­fore long, I dis­cov­ered that I had two full rows. I couldn’t be­lieve that I needed just two more num­bers and I could hit the jack­pot. Come on! I thought, ex­cited. And, within a few min­utes, both my num­bers were called. The word WIN­NER popped onto my screen and I squealed. I raced up the stairs to share the good news and banged on the bath­room door. ‘What is it? What’s hap­pened?’ Amy yelled. ‘I won!’ I shouted back. A few sec­onds later Amy opened the door. ‘That’s amaz­ing, Mum!’ she said. A lovely jack­pot of £2,312 – that was the most I’d ever won and I was over the moon. When Jeff ar­rived home,

I was still buzzing.

‘Guess what?’ I blurted out be­fore he’d even taken a step inside the door.

When I told him that I’d won, a big, Cheshire-cat smile spread across his face.

I wasn’t sure what I should do with my cheque at first, but we’ve planned a five-day trip to Black­pool.

Plus, I’ll put some of my win­nings to­wards a meet-up with my on­line friends – the girls from the chat room – in Not­ting­ham later this year. I can’t wait to meet them.

It re­ally is some­thing that just wouldn’t have hap­pened with­out the lively com­mu­nity of Chat Mag Bingo.

The big wins are bril­liant, but the new friends I’ve made are even more amaz­ing and un­ex­pected.

Hooray for Chat Mag Bingo!

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