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QAunty Nelly, I’m a mug. I found my part­ner sex­ting twice be­fore, and for­gave him. Now I’ve caught him at it again!

We’ve bought a house, and have two kids to­gether. He’s turned it round on me, says I don’t pay him at­ten­tion and that I shouldn’t have in­vaded his pri­vacy. I feel lost – and I’ve got my kids to think of... Claire, 39

AHow many more chances does this man need for you to re­alise that he has no re­spect for you? Even just pics and mes­sages mean that he’s cheat­ing. You aren’t happy, so the kids aren’t go­ing to be happy, ei­ther. Move away, per­haps stay with fam­ily or friends while you get set up and then dis­cuss his ac­cess like adults. Good luck, pe­tal.

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