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I didn’t want to wear women’s un­der­wear ev­ery day!

Blush­ing, I or­dered a pair of size-xl, black Spanx knick­ers from Ama­zon.

I shud­der to think what’s go­ing to come up on my rec­om­mended list now, I thought. They ar­rived the next day. ‘These are never go­ing to fit!’ I squeaked, hold­ing up what looked like the tini­est piece of black stretchy fab­ric. But, noth­ing ven­tured. Breath­ing in, I wig­gled and wrig­gled, pulling and push­ing my wob­bly bits into place.

And when I was done... I could zip up my jeans!

Throw­ing on a T-shirt, I grinned at my re­flec­tion.

For once in my adult life, I looked slim.


But I didn’t want to wear women’s un­der­wear ev­ery day.

For a start, go­ing to the loo with­out a fly wasn’t easy!

And what if I met a new man – how would I ex­plain I wore Spanx ev­ery day?!

‘I’ve got to get a tummy tuck,’ I vowed. It was the only way.

I al­ready had some sav­ings. One up-side of hardly ever so­cial­is­ing! And my job wasn’t badly paid, so I started squir­relling away what­ever I could.

Fi­nally, in Oc­to­ber 2016, I had a face and neck lift.

Though I hated my tummy, I could at least hide that be­hind my Spanx for now.

But the turkey neck and saggy jowls I’d been left with couldn’t be hid­den. That alone cost me £3,250. In April 2017, I fol­lowed that with an arm lift to get rid of my bingo wings. That cost £6,500, and drained what was left of my sav­ings.

Only, I was nowhere near done.

I still needed a tummy tuck, my back fat needed to be smoothed out, and my legs were flabby, too.

But to keep do­ing it in the UK would cost tens of thou­sands.

I re­searched on­line for less ex­pen­sive al­ter­na­tives, found a clinic in Poland.

In Septem­ber 2017, I had a chest re­duc­tion and up­per body lift cost­ing £3,000.

They cut off and reat­tached my nip­ples for that one.

And at last came my tummy tuck, in April this year.

‘Bye bye, Spanx!’ I cheered chuck­ing them in the bin.

To date, I’ve spent £17,450, and I have an­other tum­my­tuck op lined up.

But it’s been worth ev­ery sin­gle penny.

‘You look amaz­ing!’ my friends say.

My mum Lynn, 62, told me she was proud of me. I’m proud of me, too. I’ve dropped 12 stone – now I weigh 15st – and I’ve given my wardrobe a com­plete over­haul.

In­stead of Spanx, I wear Calvin Klein box­ers.

Be­lieve me, they’re a lot more com­fort­able!

But the best bit of all is that I feel ready to start dat­ing again.

I wasted a lot of years be­ing fat and un­happy, but now I feel like the real me.

My life can fi­nally be­gin.

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