Rain­bow cake…

Serves: 8 Prep: 30 min Cook: 20 min Cost per serv­ing: 52p

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280g self- rais­ing flour •l 280g bak­ing spread •l 280g caster sugar •l 5 large eggs •l 2tsp bak­ing pow­der •l 35ml milk •l ½tsp each red, yel­low, green, •l blue and orange food colour gel (such as Dr Oetker or Aldi) For the ic­ing 560g ic­ing sugar •l 300g un­salted but­ter •l at room tem­per­a­ture ½tsp yel­low food colour­ing •l 1tsp vanilla essence •l 40ml milk •l 1 Pre­heat the oven to 180C/gas 4. Cut out five cir­cles from non­stick bak­ing parch­ment and line the bases of five small, round sand­wich tins. 2 Put the flour, spread, sugar, eggs, bak­ing pow­der and milk into a food pro­ces­sor and mix un­til well com­bined. 3 Di­vide mix­ture into five bowls. Add ½tsp of food colour gel into each sponge mix and stir well. Put each coloured sponge mix into the pre­pared cake tins. Spread evenly and make a slight dip in the cen­tre for an even rise. 4 Bake for 18 min un­til each sponge is cooked, risen and springy to touch. Al­low to cool, then re­move sponges from the tins and re­move the bak­ing pa­per. 5 To make the ic­ing, sieve ic­ing sugar into a bowl, cut but­ter into small chunks and add to the bowl, beat­ing well un­til smooth. Then add yel­low food colour­ing, vanilla essence and milk and mix well. 6 To as­sem­ble the cake, dab a lit­tle ic­ing on a cake plate, then put blue sponge on top and cover with a thin layer of ic­ing. Re­peat with each coloured sponge, sand­wich­ing them to­gether with a thin layer of ic­ing. Spread re­main­ing ic­ing all over the sides and on top of the cake.

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