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Q An old friend came to me in tears – her part­ner had left and she couldn’t pay her bills. She has two small chil­dren. So I with­drew £2,000 from my sav­ings to tide her over.

Now I’ve just seen on Facebook that she’s on hol­i­day with her sis­ter! I’m rag­ing with anger.

How do I get my money back with­out us fall­ing out? Jo, 46 A What you’ve done there, Jo – with­out the help of a tram­po­line – is jump to con­clu­sions. For all you know, her sis­ter paid for that hol­i­day. And it was daft of you to lend money with­out an agree­ment.

You need to meet for cof­fee and ask how her hol­i­day was. Be a friend. She’s done noth­ing wrong. Put a date in the diary for the money to be paid back and you’ll feel hap­pier.

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