Jan­uary 2018

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Run­ning to the loo, I felt yet an­other wave of nau­sea surge through me. ‘Not again,’ I said. Joshua walked into the bath­room grin­ning.

‘Are you think­ing what I’m think­ing?’ he laughed.

We looked at each other and knew straight­away, I was preg­nant! We hadn’t planned it so soon af­ter the wed­ding, but I knew that I wanted to have a fam­ily with Joshua.

I vis­ited my doc­tor, made sure I’d be safe to carry a baby with all my burn scar­ring.

Watch­ing my bump grow over the fol­low­ing few months, I felt so happy.

My lack of con­fi­dence about my ap­pear­ance meant I never thought I’d meet some­body. Let alone have a baby. At the 16-week scan, we ar­ranged for the nurse to tell my grand­mother the sex of the baby.

Then, back at home, we threw a gen­der-re­veal party.

Pop­ping a pinata, a shower of blue con­fetti burst out.

We were hav­ing a boy!

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