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David Biro, 17, was found guilty of all charges and given three life sen­tences.

The judge said, ‘He wanted to kill, ap­par­ently, to achieve some sort of in­famy from that killing – some sort of no­to­ri­ety.’

In 1994, a court ruled against Biro’s mur­der ap­peal and his life sen­tence was up­held.

He later ad­mit­ted com­mit­ting the de­spi­ca­ble crimes for the ‘thrill of it’.

He told friends that he just ‘wanted to see what it would feel like to shoot some­one’.

He’d plot­ted the mur­ders for weeks and chose Richard and Nancy be­cause their home was di­rectly op­po­site the po­lice sta­tion.

It seems the teenager wanted to brag about what he’d done un­der the noses of the po­lice.

David Biro: teenage killer

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