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Q My ex-mother-in-law still re­lies on me, even though her son and I are di­vorced.

I take her shop­ping and to hos­pi­tal appointments, and help clean her flat. My ex mar­ried again, but he swans off on hol­i­day while I’m run­ning round af­ter his ma!

She’s the sweet­est lady, but be­tween her, my kids and work, I have no life. I’m at break­ing point. Tr­ish, 47 A It’s nice to be car­ing, but some­times peo­ple take ad­van­tage. Your ex-hubby is tak­ing the fullest! Tell him you don’t mind the odd favour, but this can’t con­tinue.

Have you thought about be­ing less avail­able? Turn your phone off, then she’ll have to ring her son. You’ve made a rod for your own back, flower. Step away.

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