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Q My friends say my boyfriend no longer re­spects me be­cause I give him too many chances.

In the four years we’ve been to­gether, I’ve for­given an af­fair and many fi­nan­cial let-downs. I’ve al­lowed him to speak to me like dirt, al­though he’s never hit me.

Re­cently he up­set me by not show­ing up on my birth­day and go­ing out with his friends on my credit card... Olivia, 32 A The fact he’s not hit you does not make him Romeo! He’s men­tally abus­ing you. You need to close the bank of Olivia! Be­lieve me, honey, when you take away your credit card, you won’t see this guy again. That’s the only rea­son he’s hang­ing around.

This is a toxic re­la­tion­ship. Get him out that door and change the locks!

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