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he an­swers to all these gen­eral-knowl­edge ques­tions – ex­cept one – are in the grid in var­i­ous di­rec­tions. to be this week’s Chat Big Quiz cham­pion, work out which an­swer is miss­ing. this is your prize an­swer. an­swers are in al­pha­bet­i­cal or­der in each sec­tion.

The Sil­ver Screen – christ­mas Films

1 In which 1990 fes­tive favourite did Ma­caulay Culkin play young Kevin Mccal­lis­ter, de­fend­ing his par­ents’ house from two would-be bur­glars? (4, 5)

2 Which ac­tor, who will voice Toy Story’s Woody for the fourth time next year, pro­vided the voices for a num­ber of char­ac­ters in the

2004 an­i­ma­tion The Po­lar Ex­press in­clud­ing The Con­duc­tor and Santa? (3, 5)

3 What com­pletes the ti­tle of the 1946 movie star­ring James Ste­wart, It’s a … Life, of­ten listed as the most iconic fes­tive movie of all time? (9)

Where in The World? christ­mas Places

4 What’s the large city in Tur­key, his­tor­i­cally known as Byzan­tium and Con­stantino­ple, which strad­dles the Bosporus? (8)

5 Santa Fe is the cap­i­tal city of which south­west­ern state of the USA? (3, 6)

6 What’s the cap­i­tal of the Czech Repub­lic and home to Wences­las Square, named af­ter Good King Wences­las? (6)

christ­mas Singalong

7 What was the name of the group of stars who re­leased the 1984 Christ­mas No1 that be­gins, ‘It’s Christ­mas time, there’s no need to be afraid…?’ (4, 3)

8 Which fes­tive song be­gins ‘Dash­ing through the snow, in a one-horse open sleigh…’? (6, 5)

9 Which fes­tive song, by Bing Crosby in the film Hol­i­day Inn, be­gins, ‘I’m dream­ing of a …’? (5, 9)

christ­mas Pan­tos

10 Who’s the ti­tle char­ac­ter of the panto who gets to go to the ball – but leaves her glass slip­per be­hind? (10)

11 Who’s the ti­tle char­ac­ter of the panto who, along with his cat, is told to, ‘Turn again … Lord Mayor of Lon­don’? (4, 11)

12 Who’s the ti­tle char­ac­ter of the panto who tries three bowls of por­ridge? (10)

christ­mas Trim­mings

13 What word comes be­fore … cal­en­dar, to make the fes­tive dec­o­ra­tion that, these days, of­ten pro­vides a daily choco­late treat? (6)

14 Which myth­i­cal fig­ure comes be­fore lights to make a Christ­mas tree dec­o­ra­tion and is also some­thing that might top the same tree? (5)

15 What fes­tive plant, known for its bright green leaves and red berries, com­pletes the open­ing of the carol, ‘Deck the halls with boughs of …?’ (5)

6. Where will you find this fes­tively named square?

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