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Shirley makes a threat!

Shirley was livid when she dis­cov­ered that Linda had de­cided to let Mick rot in jail and was be­ing chummy with Stu­art – un­til her daugh­ter- in­law re­vealed it was all just an act to get psy­cho Stu to ad­mit that he put Mick be­hind bars.

How­ever, now that Stu­art is still swan­ning around like he’s done noth­ing wrong, Shirley’s had enough and tells Linda to get the con­fes­sion by the end of the week or they’re go­ing to do it her way! How far will Linda go to get the ev­i­dence that she needs to free Mick?

Mean­while, it’s a full house at No. 31 now that Al­fie’s back and Hay­ley’s wor­ried that it won’t be long be­fore ev­ery­one finds out he’s the fa­ther of her baby. So she de­cides to pack a bag…

Else­where, Tif­fany re­luc­tantly agrees to do an­other job for Evie, but when she also has to pick up Lily from school, she ends up hav­ing to take the young­ster on the drugs run with her!

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