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Dawn’s pas­sion for Pete…

Rhona re­alises Dawn has been sleep­ing rough in Doug’s shed, so Peter goes to find her. He of­fers her a place to stay and Dawn gets the wrong end of the stick and goes to kiss him!

Later, when Rhona con­fronts her about what hap­pened, a mor­ti­fied Dawn runs off… And is spot­ted by a shocked Har­riet. The vicar knows the drug-ad­dict pros­ti­tute from her past, but what ex­actly is their shared his­tory? Mean­while, Daz is ter­ri­fied about be­ing found out af­ter his hit- and- run so he de­cides to flee the coun­try. But just as he’s about to get on a bus to the air­port, he sees Kerry col­lapsed in the road and goes to help her. Will Daz man­age to es­cape be­fore he feels the long arm of the law? Else­where, Jessie talks to El­lis about a se­cret plan, but quickly changes the sub­ject when Mar­lon shows up. Could it have any­thing to do with Billy’s im­mi­nent re­lease from prison..?

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