A let­ter to… My lucky fu­ture owner

Woof! Hello there...

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Wak­ing up in my new home, I was a lit­tle ner­vous.

It smelled dif­fer­ent to my old one. When I nosed around the kitchen, my broth­ers and sis­ters were nowhere to be seen, ei­ther.

I missed them, but I had Mr Bear for com­pany.

He’s brown and squishy, and makes a nice, sat­is­fy­ing squeaky noise when I chew him.

The hu­mans don’t seem quite as keen on the sound as I am – but I love it.

Woof woof!

I liked my vol­un­teer puppy walk­ers Tina, 53, and Andy, 57, right away. Tina al­ways has treats. Yummy, crunchy bites for ev­ery time I do some­thing good.

Like when I sit or walk nicely be­side her on my lead.

‘You’re one of the smartest pups I’ve ever met,’ she says.

I bark back proudly to her, wag­ging my tail as fast as I can.

And I’m learn­ing new stuff ev­ery day…for you!

Tina says you can’t see, so I’m go­ing to be your guide.

I’ll help you cross the road, walk to the shops.

And I know that we’re go­ing to have a lot of fun to­gether, too!

On my way home the other day with Tina, there were lots of mini hu­mans on the path.

Tina calls them ‘kids’. A cou­ple of them visit the house some­times and shout ‘Nan’ at Tina.

They’re re­ally great. If my tail wasn’t at­tached it’d fly off, it wags so much when the mini hu­mans are around.

Now I’m 4 months old, I have to go to puppy class.

Me and all the other guide-dog pup­pies play and chase each other around.

But we also learn very im­por­tant things that’ll help me when I’m look­ing af­ter you.

I’m al­ready learn­ing to sit down be­fore cross­ing the road. Tina tells me I’m a nat­u­ral

– and that makes me feel so proud.

Woof woof!

I’m not quite sure about my name, though – David.

Most of my friends are called Buster, Buddy or Duke.

But Tina says that I’m named af­ter a fa­mous co­me­dian called David Wal­liams.

I’ve met him and he’s re­ally friendly.

Some­times, for a treat, Tina and Andy take me to a gi­gan­tic patch of grass.

All I can see is green!

Tina takes off my lead and lets me run wher­ever I want, as fast as I want.

Last week, I was dis­tracted chas­ing a fluffy grey rab­bit.

When I heard Tina call my name she wasn’t where I left her.

But I fol­lowed her voice and even­tu­ally found her.

When we got home, she sat down on the floor and gave me a big cud­dle.

I re­ally love cud­dles! I hope you like them, too...

I know that it’s go­ing to be some while un­til I get to meet you. I have a lot to learn yet.

But Tina says that I’ll be a fully-qual­i­fied guide dog in sum­mer 2020.

Ev­ery time I curl up with my squishy Mr Bear and go to sleep, I know I’m one day closer to meet­ing you.

Maybe you have enough sight to read my let­ter, or maybe some­one is read­ing it to you, in per­son or on a record­ing.

I just want you to know I can’t wait to get to know you, let you scratch be­hind my ears, rub my belly.

I’ll make sure that you’re al­ways safe – don’t worry.

You can count on me.

Tina tells me I’m a nat­u­ral – that makes me so proud

Big licks from David Puppy David, 4 months, Berk­shire

Visit guide­dogs.org.uk/ vol­un­teer to find out more about be­com­ing a puppy walker for the char­ity Guide Dogs.

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