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QI’ve some­how be­come my best friend’s al­ibi. She’s see­ing a mar­ried man be­hind her boyfriend’s back. They use my flat and she has a spare key.

Ev­ery time they’re round, they grope each other in front of me. Re­cently, he asked if I’d join in! I stormed out in a huff, but she just gig­gled.

I don’t want him round here again. I asked for my key back, but she’s begged my for­give­ness.

Who does this cheat­ing rat think he is?! Leanne, 30

AWe have a prob­lem. You only think he’s cheat­ing. They both are. And you let them use your flat and con­doned the be­hav­iour.

De­mand your key back. Tell them to do as they like but not to in­volve you at all.

She’s im­ma­ture and dis­re­spect­ful. If she de­cides your friend­ship isn’t worth main­tain­ing, it’s her loss not yours. I sus­pect she won’t let you go, though – you know too much!

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