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The in­clu­sion of pasta as part of the diet in me­dieval Italy meant that which house­hold item be­came preva­lent in that coun­try in the 11th cen­tury – a long time be­fore it was be­ing used reg­u­larly in the rest of Eu­rope?

To find out, solve the cross­word, then read down the yel­low squares to find the prize an­swer.


1 Con­firmed data (5) 5 Lubri­cat­ing fluid (3) 6 Re­mote-con­trolled air­craft (5) 8 Elec­tri­cal flash (5)


1 Short-lived fash­ion (3) 2 Make a noise like a dove (3) 3 Metal can (3) 4 Smooth, glossy (5) 7 Tear open (3)

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