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QI’m still friendly with my ex, and he kept our old place. His new girl­friend’s moved in now, and I’ve just met her.

She keeps mes­sag­ing me ques­tions now… When’s bin col­lec­tion day, which doc­tor’s good, which neigh­bours do I like..?

The other night, she even phoned and cried on me, say­ing I was her only friend! She’s moved miles to be with him and has no-one. I feel sorry for her – but what should I do? Katy, 27 A Blimey, does she want to go through your knicker drawer, too? If she can mes­sage you, she can con­tact other peo­ple.

Your ex and his girl aren't your prob­lem. Don’t feel bad for cut­ting ties – ig­nore her or, next time, po­litely tell her to ask your ex or ring the lo­cal coun­cil.

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