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Pec­tus ex­ca­va­tum is a rare con­di­tion caus­ing the breast­bone to be sunken rather than level with the ribs, so the mid­dle of the chest looks ‘caved in’.

It af­fects one in 1,000 chil­dren and is four times as com­mon in boys as in girls. It’s thought that it may be caused by the car­ti­lage in the ribcage over­grow­ing and can ap­pear as a symp­tom of Mar­fan syn­drome and some­times along­side sco­l­io­sis. It can also run in fam­i­lies.

Treat­ment isn’t al­ways nec­es­sary but if the con­di­tion is af­fect­ing lung func­tion or caus­ing emo­tional dis­tress, surgery may be ben­e­fi­cial.

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