I caught lorry-driver lover on a rat run

Tired of wait­ing for an­swers, it was time to sniff out the truth for my­self

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Reach­ing for my phone, my tummy flipped as a text popped up. I’d like to see you again. Me, too, I replied. Hay­den, 51, had caught my eye on a dat­ing site in Fe­bru­ary 2016. And in the flesh, he’d been ev­ery bit as per­fect. Good looks, sense of hu­mour, fam­ily val­ues. Over our first cof­fee date, sparks had flown. Now he wanted to meet again, and I was thrilled. Hay­den picked me up in his flash Audi, wined and dined me at a fancy restau­rant. With his chis­elled body and sparkling blue eyes, it made me won­der.

Is he too good to be true?

There were other rea­sons for my doubt. In the past, I’d had my heart bro­ken by a real charmer. I couldn’t go through it again. But Hay­den swept me off my feet. We spent hours on the phone, and things felt so easy, nat­u­ral. When my kids, Josh, 25, Con­nor, 20, and Jes­sica, 16, and my mum Jackie, 71, met him, they all gave him the thumbs up.

‘How about we make this ex­clu­sive?’ he asked one evening. ‘I’d like that,’ I said. A lorry driver, Hay­den worked long hours.

He stayed with me on week­ends, kip­ping at his in the week.

It worked well for us.

When we were to­gether, things were per­fect.

Hay­den show­ered me with gifts, ev­ery­thing from home ap­pli­ances and flow­ers, to de­signer hand­bags and jew­ellery.

But our con­nec­tion was deeper than ma­te­rial things.

As we grew close, I con­fided my dark­est fears.

I begged him, ‘Please don’t cheat on me.’

‘Of course not,’ Hay­den promised me. In fact... Pulling out his iphone, Hay­den showed me an app he had. Find My Friends. As it turns out, I al­ready had the app on my iphone. He punched in his phone’s de­tails. ‘You’ll al­ways see where I am now,’ he told me. It was re­as­sur­ing. Our re­la­tion­ship fell into a nice rou­tine of date nights and week­ends at mine. In Oc­to­ber 2017, Hay­den sug­gested we move in to­gether. I couldn’t have been hap­pier. Af­ter my run of bad re­la­tion­ships, I’d fi­nally met The One. But soon, talk­ing about mov­ing in faded. Our ro­man­tic dates re­placed by evenings in front of the telly. Gone were the end­less calls, the thought­ful gifts. If Hay­den wasn’t in the gym, he was glued to his work phone. He’d leave the room when­ever it rang. ‘What’s go­ing on with you?’ I de­manded one day. ‘Noth­ing babe,’ he shrugged. ‘Just busy with work.’ Months passed and I found my­self be­gin­ning to doubt Hay­den.

Is he re­ally just busy with his work?

I drove my­self bonkers think­ing it over and over. Lost a stone wor­ry­ing about

As we grew close, I con­fided my deep­est fears

what was go­ing on.

Then, one evening, I re­mem­bered the app on my phone.

Check­ing it, I saw Hay­den was at his place. Just like he’d said. That night, I slept well for the first time in weeks.

I used the app more and more, keep­ing track of Hay­den’s move­ments day and night.

One day, the app showed Hay­den was home. So I de­cided to sur­prise him. But when I ar­rived, he wasn’t at home. Just his phone. Deep in my bones, I knew Hay­den was ly­ing to me. I just needed proof. One morn­ing, I couldn’t get hold of him.

When he fi­nally called, I moaned, ‘Where have you been all this time?’

‘At work,’ he snapped. ‘You know that.’

Check­ing the app, I saw Hay­den was telling me the truth.

But an hour later, the red dot started flash­ing.

Hay­den was on the move...

It later came to a stop at an ad­dress I didn’t recog­nise.

Heart rac­ing, I grabbed my car keys. I smelled a rat… Fol­low­ing the track­ing de­vice, I drove to a block of flats.

There was Hay­den’s car.

Who’s my boyfriend vis­it­ing here?

Fran­ti­cally, I pressed ev­ery buzzer by the door till some­body let me in.

Ran­domly, I started knock­ing on doors.

At the first one, a blonde woman an­swered, wear­ing a dress­ing gown.

She looked like she’d just got out of bed, hair a mess.

‘Is Hay­den here?’ I said, try­ing it on.

To my sur­prise, she said, ‘Yes, who are you?’

‘I’m Kel­lie, his part­ner. Who the hell are you?’ I shouted.

‘I’m Sarah,’ she stut­tered. ‘I’ve been see­ing him for seven months.’

Just then, Hay­den sheep­ishly ap­peared, do­ing up his trousers.

Turned out they’d met at the gym in Novem­ber 2017. When he’d stopped talk­ing about us mov­ing in to­gether. Now it all made sense. ‘I’m so sorry,’ she said. ‘I had no idea about you.’

Hay­den leant against the kitchen counter, the colour drain­ing from his face.

Then Sarah ex­plained she’d down­loaded the tracker app as well. I’d heard enough. Be­fore walk­ing out, I turned to Hay­den.

‘The only thing I asked was that you don’t cheat on me,’ I said, slam­ming the front door be­hind me.

As I drove home, tears rolled down my face.

I’d fi­nally let my guard down and now this... I felt so stupid. Hay­den begged for an­other chance, but I couldn’t move past his lies.

Chuck­ing his clothes out the bed­room win­dow, I was done.

I’m glad I caught him, but I’ll never for­give him.

Hay­den was my Prince Charm­ing and look how he treated me.

I’ll never trust a man again. I’m done with re­la­tion­ships.

Chuck­ing his clothes out the win­dow, I was done!

I thought Hay­den was my Prince Charm­ing

‘My’ Hay­den: gone walk­a­bout..?

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