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T he an­swers to all but one of these quiz ques­tions can be found hid­den in this word­search grid, read­ing for­wards, back­wards, up, down or di­ag­o­nally. To help you, we’ll tell you that the an­swers in each sec­tion are in al­pha­bet­i­cal or­der. How­ever, one an­swer can’t be found in the grid. This is your prize an­swer.

The Sil­ver Screen – na­tion­al­ity

1 Which na­tion­al­ity com­pletes the movie ti­tles … Pie, An … Were­wolf in Lon­don and … Beauty? (8) 2 Which na­tion­al­ity com­pletes the movie ti­tles The … Con­nec­tion, … Kiss and The … Lieu­tenant’s

Woman? (6) 3 Which Black­ad­der ac­tor plays the ti­tle role of a bum­bling se­cret agent in the Johnny English spy movies? (5,8)

Where in The World? north

4 North­ern Ter­ri­tory, cap­i­tal Dar­win, is a fed­eral ter­ri­tory in which coun­try? (9) 5 What ‘North’ is the usual name of the east Asian coun­try whose cap­i­tal is Py­ongyang? (5,5) 6 What ‘North’ is the most northerly county in Eng­land, bor­der­ing on County Durham, Tyne and Wear, Cum­bria and the Scot­tish Bor­ders, and in­clud­ing the towns of Ber­wick-upon-tweed and Al­nwick? (14)


7 Saint He­lena, the small vol­canic is­land to which Napoleon was even­tu­ally ex­iled and where he died, is in the south­ern part of which ocean? (8) 8 What was the first name of Napoleon’s first wife, as men­tioned in the fa­mous phrase that is prob­a­bly in­cor­rectly at­trib­uted to Napoleon, ‘Not tonight …’? (9) 9 At which bat­tle in 1815 was Napoleon’s army fi­nally de­feated, even­tu­ally lead­ing to his cap­ture? (8)


10 What is the surname of the ac­tress Ni­cole …, who starred in the movies Cold Moun­tain and Be­witched? (6) 11 What is the surname of the ac­tor Ni­cholas …, who links the TV char­ac­ters Ray­mond Fletcher, Rod­ney Trot­ter, Gary Spar­row and Dan Grif­fin? (9) 12 What is the surname of the politi­cian Ni­cola …, who is the First Min­is­ter of Scot­land and leader of the Scot­tish Na­tional Party? (8)


13 Which ‘nut’ can fol­low the words wa­ter, sweet and horse to make two edi­ble foods and a tree? (8) 14 Which ‘nut’ is the fruit of a palm tree and pro­vides the white cream or milk used in mak­ing a pina co­lada? (7) 15 Which ‘nut’ is a pop­u­lar snack of­ten sold as ‘salted’ or ‘dry roasted’ and is also pro­cessed into the spread … but­ter? (6)

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