Men pay to date me!

I’m rak­ing in the cash and hav­ing lots of fun!

Chat - - Contents - Gab­brielle Aberas­turi, 45

Check­ing my bank bal­ance, I let out a groan.

It looked like it’d be another tough month where I’d strug­gle to make ends meet.

‘Sorry, we have to cut back on things,’ I told my three chil­dren, Mau­vorneen, 15, Ire­land, 13, and Gideon, 12, later that evening.

‘It’s OK, Mum, we un­der­stand,’ Mau­vorneen replied kindly.

But it wasn’t OK. I felt guilty, not pro­vid­ing for my kids.

Af­ter years spent scrap­ing by, I had to make a change.

Work­ing to­wards a bet­ter fu­ture, I set my sights on a ca­reer in po­lit­i­cal so­ci­ol­ogy, and en­rolled at uni full time.

A sin­gle mum, it meant giv­ing up my job.

With help from fi­nan­cial aid and sell­ing my things on ebay, I was lucky if I man­aged to find £600 a month.

Buy­ing food was a strug­gle, never mind the bills.

I lurched from one pan­icked month to the next. Un­til... In April 2018, I read about a woman mak­ing a good liv­ing from men who paid to date her through What­sy­our­ She eas­ily made £250 a date. Des­per­ate for cash, I browsed the web­site to see things for

I used to lurch from one pan­icked month to the next

my­self. And it was real!

Men reg­is­tered on the site and paid women up to £500 to go out with them.

Whether it was to a cof­fee shop, fancy restau­rant or some­thing more ex­trav­a­gant, it was an easy way to make some money.

I re­alised I wanted a slice of the ac­tion.

Be­sides the cash, I reck­oned 15 years of be­ing a sin­gle woman was long enough.

Sign­ing up, I made it clear that I was only in­ter­ested in get­ting to know men on the dates. Sex was def­i­nitely not on the ta­ble. Not straight­away, any­way... Choos­ing a pretty pic­ture of my­self, I saved my new pro­file and waited for re­sponses.

Days later, my pro­file had been viewed dozens of times by rich, pro­fes­sional men.

With of­fers al­ready, I browsed their pro­files.

Lik­ing what I saw, I de­cided to ac­cept a date with a rich lawyer.

He seemed nice and we ar­ranged to meet for cof­fee.

As I ar­rived at the cof­fee shop a few days later, my date handed me £150 cash. Just like that… Like any date, con­ver­sa­tion was a bit awk­ward at first, but soon we were in full flow.

We talked about any­thing and ev­ery­thing, the hours fly­ing by…

Af­ter that, I got stuck in, go­ing on lots of dates.

I made £500 that first month, but it didn’t feel like work.

Es­pe­cially get­ting dressed up and go­ing to fancy restau­rants.

Best of all, the men knew the deal be­fore our meet­ings. There was no ex­pec­ta­tion of sex.

In May, I left my home in Cald­well, Idaho, and was flown by pri­vate jet to Ne­vada to go on a date with a rich man.

It was such an in­cred­i­ble ex­pe­ri­ence. So lux­u­ri­ous.

I was even back home in time to pick up my chil­dren from school!

When I told them what I’d been up to, they were cool with it.

‘We know you’re not go­ing to put yourself in any dan­ger,’ Ire­land said.

How­ever, some of my friends and fam­ily are scep­ti­cal about it.

But over time, they’ve learned to ac­cept it.

I haven’t let any­body’s opin­ion get in the way of pro­vid­ing for my fam­ily.

I’m a re­spon­si­ble adult and I make my own choices.

I re­ally don’t care what so­ci­ety thinks of them.

Now, I love be­ing paid to go on dates. And each one is as ex­cit­ing as the first time I tried it.

Plus I’m mak­ing up to £2,000 per month along­side my stud­ies at uni. What’s not to love about it? So far, all the men I’ve met are only friend­ship ma­te­rial, but I wouldn’t be sur­prised if one day, I find love on this site.

In the mean­time, I’m go­ing to en­joy the freedom and peace of mind the money brings me. It’s so lib­er­at­ing, not wor­ry­ing about how I’m go­ing to put food on the ta­ble for my fam­ily – and re­ally, it’s given us all a new lease of life.

We live much bet­ter than we’ve ever done.

Whilst dat­ing for money may not be for ev­ery­one, it works for me and my fam­ily.

And there’s noth­ing more im­por­tant than that.

The men know the deal be­fore our meet­ings

Mak­ing friends and mak­ing money

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