She’s a rude old bat!

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My friend snaps her fin­gers at wait­ers, she’s rude to taxi driv­ers…and she’s get­ting worse with age.

On our an­nual trip to Lis­bon – we’ve been go­ing for 23 years – she was so rude to the ho­tel staff, the man­ager told me other guests were com­plain­ing.

So I told her to be­have and now she won’t speak to me! What should I do? Mil­dred, 63


If your friend’s al­ways been a bit like this, but is now be­hav­ing even more badly, per­haps she’s un­well. Speak to her fam­ily, as sev­eral forms of de­men­tia can af­fect per­son­al­ity. But if she’s just turn­ing into a hor­ri­ble old lady who treats peo­ple like this, do you re­ally want to be friends with her?

It may be time to part ways. If she won’t talk to you, leave her to it. Sadly, she’ll end up very lonely.

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