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Q How bad were your ear­lier re­la­tion­ships that mar­ry­ing your­self was a bet­ter op­tion? Ann John­son, Run­corn

A I had some rough re­la­tion­ships and some beau­ti­ful ones. But the is­sue lies more with me. I need to work on my­self, so I’m happy on my own with­out de­pend­ing on any­one else.

Q What do your fam­ily think about you ty­ing the knot with your­self? Laura Gra­ham, Ip­swich

A My par­ents are tra­di­tional Catholics who be­lieve mar­riage should be be­tween a man and a woman. I didn’t in­vite them, as I knew they’d strug­gle with the idea, but they love me and want the best for me.

Q Are you still al­lowed to date or will you be cheat­ing on your­self? Michelle McGrath, Gran­tham

A I can date, I can do any­thing I want! My wife is amaz­ing! I can’t cheat on my­self, but I could treat my­self badly or al­low bad treat­ment from others, which would be a be­trayal of my prom­ise I’ve made to my­self.

Q Will you di­vorce your­self if you meet the right per­son? Suzanne Simp­son, Ed­in­burgh

A I can’t di­vorce my­self! That said, I’m open to love and part­ner­ship, a more tra­di­tional mar­riage, hav­ing a fam­ily. Be­lieve it or not, I’m a die-hard ro­man­tic and openly wel­come love! And, to check how things are go­ing for me, I ask my­self, ‘How am I do­ing? Am I los­ing sense of my­self?’

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