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Q My make-up al­ways ends up be­ing patchy, es­pe­cially when I put my pow­der bronzer and blusher on. What can I do?

Ali­son Day, 54

A You could be putting your bronzer and blusher on too soon. If you have mois­turised and popped on a foun­da­tion, it’s tempt­ing to move straight on to the next prod­uct, but leave time for your foun­da­tion to set. A pow­dery blusher or bronzer ap­plied to a still-damp base makes for patches. If you are us­ing a base that prom­ises a dewy glow, switch to a cream blusher and/or bronzer to com­ple­ment the tex­ture al­ready on your face.

Q I want to de­fine my eye­brows but am scared of over-ap­ply­ing – I don’t want to draw on two slugs! Do you have any fool-proof tips? Caro­line For­est, 45

A Avoid eye­brow pen­cils at all costs! For a nat­u­ral look­ing brow boost, in­vest in a brow gel.

This adds sub­tle colour and thick­ness to each in­di­vid­ual hair, with­out colour­ing in the skin be­neath. Don’t over­load the wand, treat it as you would your mas­cara, dis­pens­ing a lit­tle of the for­mula on the neck of the bot­tle be­fore you ap­ply, then layer up. Next, take a pale pink, nude or peach pen­cil and ap­ply, then blend, un­der­neath the arch of your brow to em­pha­sise the shape.

You won’t be­lieve the dif­fer­ence.

Q I have a cou­ple of moles on my face and they now grow the most un­sightly hairs. Is it safe to pluck the hairs? What are the rules?

Beth Crane, 59

A Ac­cord­ing to the NHS nearly 75% of women ex­pe­ri­ence in­creased fa­cial hair as they age, es­pe­cially af­ter the menopause, so you’re def­i­nitely not alone in this. The chin seems to be the big­gest bug­bear area, mole or no mole. There have been a lot of old wives’ tales abound­ing that pluck­ing the hair from moles could cause them to turn can­cer­ous, how­ever there is zero ev­i­dence to back this up. Pluck­ing also does less dam­age to your skin than wax­ing or bleach­ing, so reach for those tweez­ers. Just don’t try it when the hair is very short as you could end up in­flam­ing the area.

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