The butcher of Mon­treal

There was a trail of body

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On 25 May 2012, a bru­tal video was shared on­line, show­ing the mur­der and mu­ti­la­tion of Jun Lin, 33. It sparked an in­ter­na­tiona I hunt - es­pe­cially when body parts were posted to two Cana­dian po­lit­i­cal party HOs and two Van­cou­ver sc oo s. On 4 June, Luka Mag­notta was ar­rested in a Ber­lin In­ter­net cafe. Dubbed `The Butcher of Mon­treal', he was charged with first. de­gree mur­der, com­mit­ting in­dig­nity to a ;I hu­man body, pub­lish­ing ob­scene ma­te­rial, ;I crim­i­nally ha­rass­ing mem­bers of Par­lia­ment, and mail­ing ob­scene and in­de­cent ma­te­rial. Found guilty on all counts, Mag­notta was; sen­tenced to life. Here's how he was snared...I Warn­ing:con­tains graphic de­tail.)

1 The parcels

On 29 May, a blood-stained pack­age ar­rived at the Con­ser­va­tive Party HQ, Ot­tawa. Wit­nesses said the par­cel, dec­o­rated with a red heart, had a foul smell.

The Po­lice Haz­ardous Ma­te­ri­als Unit was called to the build­ing to in­ves­ti­gate the strange pack­age – and dis­cov­ered a hu­man foot in­side.

Later that day, the postal ser­vice dis­cov­ered a sec­ond sus­pi­cious pack­age, con­tain­ing a hand – ad­dressed to Canada's Lib­eral Party HQ.

As these in­ci­dents un­folded, the Mon­treal po­lice con­firmed they were also in­ves­ti­gat­ing par­tial hu­man re­mains found in a rub­bish pile.

2 The suit­case

Just a few days pre­vi­ously, on 25 May, a care­taker had found a suit­case among piles of rub­bish bags in an al­ley out­side Mag­notta’s apart­ment build­ing.

The case was cov­ered with flies, so the care­taker took a closer look...and found a hu­man torso in­side.

A man who lived across the hall from Mag­notta also re­called a smell com­ing from Mag­notta’s flat.

That same day, a grue­some video – 1 Lu­natic

1 Ice Pick – ap­peared on­line, show­ing a naked man, tied to a bed frame, be­ing re­peat­edly stabbed.

His throat was slashed, and his body bru­tally dis­mem­bered and de­cap­i­tated.

Fi­nally, an im­age was shown of some­one in a pur­ple, hooded jacket, hold­ing an ice pick. The face was ob­scured, but in­ves­ti­ga­tors could make out light skin and dark hair. A poster of the film Casablanca

The CCTV footage

The Mon­treal po­lice sent in­ves­ti­ga­tors to the apart­ment build­ing, where the torso was found. Of­fi­cers gained ac­cess to footage from the build­ing’s five se­cu­rity cam­eras.

The video showed Jun Lin go­ing into the build­ing with Mag­notta at around 10.15am

was dis­played on the wall.

When the po­lice an­a­lysed the vile video on 30 May, the on­line com­mu­nity sug­gested that the per­son re­spon­si­ble was In­ter­net at­ten­tion-seeker Luka Mag­notta. on 24 May – just over an hour af­ter Lin’s friends last heard from him by text. There were no im­ages of Lin leav­ing.

Hours later, Mag­notta was seen tak­ing out rub­bish sev­eral times, of­ten hav­ing changed clothes. When the po­lice asked the build­ing’s su­per­in­ten­dent to iden­tify the man on CCTV, he replied, ‘That’s the guy in 208...’

The apart­ment

The po­lice were met by a ter­ri­ble stench when they went into apart­ment 208 – and Mag­notta had van­ished. In­side the flat, a mat­tress was stained with a red-brown sub­stance, more of which was found in the sink and bath, on the floor and in the freezer.

The Casablanca poster seen in the 1 Lu­natic 1 Ice Pick video was found, as was a bot­tle used to as­sault the vic­tim. In­ves­ti­ga­tors found a mes­sage in red let­ters on the wall, If you don’t like the re­flec­tion, don’t look in the mir­ror. I don’t care.

5 The schools

On 5 June, two days af­ter Mag­notta’s Ber­lin ar­rest, pack­ages sent from Mon­treal ar­rived at two schools in Van­cou­ver – in one was a foot, in the other a hand.

Both pack­ages con­tained men­ac­ing notes, writ­ten on pink pa­per.

One read, Die b*tch! Soon!, while the other was a poem.

Roses are red, vi­o­lets are blue, the po­lice will need den­tal records to iden­tify you, b*tch.

The loner

As the po­lice in­ves­ti­gated Mag­notta, they dis­cov­ered he’d worked as a male model, a strip­per and male es­cort. He’d ap­peared in four porn films.

In 2005, Mag­notta had been con­victed of fraud against a men­tally dis­abled woman.

He was treated for para­noid schizophre­nia.

In De­cem­ber

2010, he’d been linked to post­ing an on­line video show­ing two kit­tens suf­fo­cated with a vac­uum cleaner.

On a blog called Ne­crophilia Se­rial Killer Luka Mag­notta, a March 2012 post read, It’s not cool to the world be­ing a necrophil­iac. It’s bloody lonely.

It added, Peo­ple would be re­pulsed by me if they found out about my feel­ings.

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