Stuck on him?


QMy hus­band’s mate re­cently wall­pa­pered our house. I’m a stay-ath­ome mum-of-three and I en­joyed our flirty chats.

My hus­band doesn’t seem to no­tice me. I still have his mate’s num­ber and he’s sin­gle. Would it be bad to mes­sage and ask how he is? Mil­lie, 35

AYes, it would. You’ve got a crush on Pete the Paperer be­cause you’re stuck in­side all day with the kids.

You en­joyed some adult com­pany – so now you need to get out more. Ar­range some date nights with hubby. Things get so mun­dane, and we of­ten ne­glect the peo­ple who are the most im­por­tant.

Delete wall­pa­per boy’s num­ber – his ser­vices are no longer re­quired.

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