Ashamed of big bloke


QMy fella’s al­ways been on the large side but lately he’s bal­looned to 23st. On hol­i­day last month, he needed a seat-belt ex­ten­der on the plane.

I felt so ashamed and I spoke to him about his weight. I asked if he’d join a gym with me, but he just laughed.

How do I make him see he needs to change? Laura, 45

AWe can lead a horse to wa­ter but we can’t make it drink. No amount of body sham­ing or bul­ly­ing him will change your man’s mind if he doesn’t want to lose the weight.

Have you told him you love him and that you’re wor­ried? Choose your words wisely. Tell him that you want him in your life for as long as pos­si­ble – hope­fully this will make him see his ex­tra weight re­ally is no laugh­ing mat­ter.

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