I went un­der­cover to trick my cheat lover!

I gave him so many chances, but I nailed that ly­ing cheat via Face­book... Holly Stand­ing, 27, Chert­sey

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Nuno’s mes­sages to ‘Maria’ kept com­ing…

Iwas hav­ing one of those un­ex­pect­edly great nights.

Just an even­ing of card games and drinks with friends back in De­cem­ber 2017, but I was hav­ing such a laugh.

Step­ping out­side for a cig­gie, one of the gang – Nuno Da Costa, 44 – tailed be­hind me.

We’d met the year be­fore, through friends, found our­selves at the same par­ties.

Truth be told, he seemed a bit odd, awk­ward. But we’d never got to know each other. Un­til that even­ing…

A few drinks down, we chat­ted over a smoke.

‘Ever con­sid­ered dat­ing an older man?’ he smiled.

Is he flirt­ing?!

For the first time, I no­ticed his pierc­ing blue eyes.

‘I’ll cook you din­ner,’ he said. And, just like that, we’d set our first date for a few days later.

Nuno pulled out all the stops, cook­ing a yummy meal of chicken and roasted veg­gies. A per­fect start to our re­la­tion­ship.

Nuno was newly sin­gle, like me. So we de­cided to go slow.

But over the next week, we spent every day to­gether and I started fall­ing for him sooner than ex­pected.

Not ideal, es­pe­cially with Nuno glued to his phone. ‘Ev­ery­thing OK?’ I asked. ‘My ex wants her stuff back,’ he said. I’d seen her things

around, ap­pre­ci­ated his hon­esty. Maybe we’re mov­ing too fast? So, that even­ing, I mes­saged Nuno: If you still have feel­ings for her, let’s be friends. Good idea, he replied. My heart sank, but I ac­cepted it. Time to move on.

Still, two weeks later, I smiled when Nuno’s name popped up on my phone. ‘Can we meet?’ he asked. Over din­ner, we agreed to try again.

And, just like be­fore, we slot­ted into a nat­u­ral rhythm, spend­ing our free time to­gether.

One morn­ing in Fe­bru­ary 2018, while tak­ing a shower to­gether, Nuno held me close. ‘I’m fall­ing for you,’ he said. I felt giddy.

But, a cou­ple of weeks later, his phone buzzed. He was in the kitchen so I picked it up.

His ex… Pock­et­ing the mo­bile, I sneaked to the loo.

The texts were in Span­ish, but Google Trans­late re­vealed my worst fears.

I miss you, beau­ti­ful, a text from Nuno said. I felt sick. I grabbed my bag and headed to work, leav­ing him cook­ing. A few min­utes later, a text. Where are you? Nuno wrote. At work. I saw the mes­sages, I said, block­ing his num­ber.

But an hour later, Nuno ap­peared, emo­tional.

‘Please, I’ll block her,’ he begged me, dis­traught.

‘I don’t be­lieve you,’ I said. He took out his phone, blocked the num­ber.

So, I took him back... He de­served an­other chance. But the seed was planted and now I was on high alert. And when I clocked they were back in touch,

I was dev­as­tated. ‘What’s go­ing on?!’ I de­manded. ‘She’s af­ter her things,’ he ex­plained.

‘If that’s all, I’ll do it,’ I said. As I packed up her be­long­ings, Nuno didn’t protest.

But I still had a nig­gle…and also a plan.

I cre­ated a fake Face­book ac­count, un­der the name ‘Maria’. Up­loaded fake pho­tos from the In­ter­net. Maybe I’d catch him out. But I couldn’t. It felt wrong – I had to trust him. By July, we were liv­ing to­gether. I loved Nuno and thought that it was my jeal­ousy that was the prob­lem.

And, any­way, things were look­ing up. Nuno couldn’t keep his hands off me.

How­ever, in July

I started get­ting tummy pains, so I took a preg­nancy test at work.

I was shocked when it was pos­i­tive.

We wanted kids, hadn’t used pro­tec­tion, but with poly­cys­tic ovar­ian syn­drome, I’d as­sumed it’d be tough. I couldn’t wait to tell Nuno. ‘Looks like I’m preg­nant!’ I

beamed that even­ing.

‘I’m so happy for you!’ Nuno said. But I felt de­flated. Why ‘you’? Isn’t this about us?

The even­ing passed qui­etly, with­out the hap­pi­ness I’d imag­ined.

Over the next few weeks, Nuno be­came more dis­tant. He seemed un­in­ter­ested in me and our baby.

Our once-amaz­ing sex life fiz­zled out. Now he barely even looked at me.

‘Is ev­ery­thing OK?’ I asked, one night in bed.

‘I’m tired,’ he said. Nuno threw him­self into work. Gar­den­ing by day, and work­ing in a restau­rant by night.

Preg­nancy wasn’t easy – with added com­pli­ca­tions,

I had ex­tra ap­point­ments.

Nuno sim­ply moaned about spend­ing too much time at the hospi­tal.

Then, one night in Oc­to­ber, he didn’t come home. Five days later, still no sign.

Para­noid, I knew who could help…


I up­dated her pro­file, added Nuno as a friend.

An hour later, Friend re­quest ac­cepted ap­peared.


And 20 min­utes later, up popped Nuno’s first mes­sage.

Hi Maria, how are you? his mes­sage said.

Hands shak­ing, I replied. Nuno com­mented on Maria’s name, asked about her life.

Anx­ious, I headed for a scan with my sis­ter Re­becca, 20.

I mes­saged Nuno with an up­date on the ap­point­ment af­ter­wards – but no re­ply.

So I sent an­other mes­sage – from Maria.

I want to have a shower with you. I’ll take time off, take you out, he replied in­stantly.

Back at Re­becca’s, I broke down. Nuno’s mes­sages to ‘Maria’ kept com­ing. Then he asked for her num­ber.

Re­becca’s friend had joined us now and we hatched a plan. She agreed to play Maria.

And, if she used Face­book Mes­sen­ger, he wouldn’t need a phone num­ber.

Crowd­ing round, we lis­tened on speak­er­phone.

My tummy was in knots as Nuno picked up.

‘I like your voice,’ he said.

As soon as he hung up, he sent an­other mes­sage.

Can’t wait to meet you, he wrote.

What a com­plete and ut­ter fool!

I stayed at Re­becca’s. I knew that he and I were over.

Are you in a re­la­tion­ship?

I asked Nuno, from Maria’s so­cial-me­dia ac­count.

I’m sin­gle, he said.

Time to come clean… Maria’s not real. I never want to see you again, I wrote. For two weeks, Nuno ig­nored me com­pletely. Then, sud­denly, he reap­peared...grov­el­ling.

I’ve been such a fool, please give me an­other chance, he begged me.

I’ll do it for our baby, I replied.

I tried my best, but it wasn’t enough. Two weeks af­ter my baby girl was born at St Peter’s Hospi­tal in March this year,

I ended things – this time, for good. Look­ing back, I don’t have re­grets. I’ve been blessed with a beau­ti­ful lit­tle baby. But Nuno blew it. I’ll never trust him again.

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