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His­tory re­peated it­self in a cruel way Kel­lie Cantwell, 31, Lim­er­ick

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Fall­ing preg­nant for the first time should be joy­ous and ex­hil­a­rat­ing.

But for me and my boyfriend An­drew, 22, our hap­pi­ness was short-lived.

It was Jan­uary 2011, and all we’d ever wanted was a fam­ily.

But at our first scan, we were given some dev­as­tat­ing news.

‘I’m afraid the womb is empty,’ the doc­tor told me.

‘What does that mean?’ I asked.

The doc­tor shook his head.

He ex­plained it was an ec­topic preg­nancy

– when the egg im­plants it­self out­side of the womb – and car­ried too great a risk.

Our only op­tion was a ter­mi­na­tion.

In the af­ter­math of the pro­ce­dure, I wor­ried I’d never be­come a mum.

But doc­tors en­cour­aged me to keep try­ing.

And in April 2011, I was preg­nant again.

Mon­i­tored closely, every day was ter­ri­fy­ing.

But, thank­fully, Liam ar­rived in Jan­uary 2012.

Dou­bling our luck, Sean was born in Jan­uary 2015.

I adored our fam­ily of four, but never ruled out hav­ing more kids in the fu­ture.

A good thing, too, as in March 2017 I re­alised I was preg­nant again.

Look­ing for­ward to ex­pand­ing our fam­ily, I couldn’t wait for the first scan.

Only, the sono­g­ra­pher seemed con­cerned.

‘The baby’s not where it’s meant to be,’ she said.

Not again...

‘It looks like the egg has im­planted it­self in your Cae­sarean scar,’ she said. What?

I didn’t even think that was pos­si­ble.

I’d had Cae­sare­ans when de­liv­er­ing both my boys.

I didn’t know this was a risk.

Turns out it was an ex­tremely rare form of ec­topic preg­nancy. There was a se­ri­ous risk of my uterus rup­tur­ing.

If it did, I’d be dead in min­utes. Ter­ri­fy­ing.

‘So, what now?’ I asked. But I al­ready knew what she was go­ing to say.

I’d have to ter­mi­nate this preg­nancy, too.

This time, I’d need to have a med­i­cal abor­tion. This meant two in­jec­tions of the chemo­ther­apy drug methotrex­ate.

In April 2017, I was kept in hospi­tal af­ter the in­jec­tions.

There was still a chance the uterus could rup­ture.

Dis­charged 14 days later, I went back and forth for tests.

It was so tough know­ing that I’d lost an­other child.

As for the boys, then 5 and 2, they’d known there was a baby in my belly.

‘When is the baby com­ing?’ they’d of­ten ask.

I had no idea what to say, so I’d just change the sub­ject.

An­drew, 29, could see I was hurt and would try his best to con­sole me.

‘We can try again,’ he soothed.

But doc­tors warned us to wait at least six months.

Due to the chemo drugs, my body was se­ri­ously de­pleted of fo­lates, vi­ta­mins and min­er­als.

That’s when we started tak­ing a health supplement called Pro­ceive.

It would help get my hor­mone lev­els and body back to where they needed to be.

And af­ter sev­eral months of wait­ing and try­ing, I was preg­nant again.

But we didn’t want to get our hopes up... Not yet.

As we went along to our first scan, we pre­pared for the worst.

But then the sono­g­ra­pher smiled at us.

‘The baby is right where they’re sup­posed to be,’ she said, show­ing us the screen.

In Septem­ber last year, we wel­comed Eabha into the world. I felt so lucky.

Now, I miss the two ba­bies I never had a chance to meet, but I’m so thank­ful.

Whether I’m watch­ing the boys run riot or rock­ing Eabha to sleep, I feel so blessed to have three won­der­ful kids.

‘The baby’s not where it’s meant to be...’

Blessed with a baby girl

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