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6-12 June 2019

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21 March - 20 April

It’s one of those glo­ri­ous times where you try some­thing new and find it’s a lot eas­ier than you ex­pected, or that you’ve got a real tal­ent for it. And you make money on it, too. How good is that?

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Tau­rus 21 April - 21 May

What you buy now will take every penny you’ve got but, for you, it’s a bar­gain. No more will you look en­vi­ously at oth­ers and wish you had one like that – be­cause you have, and you couldn’t be hap­pier!

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Gemini 22 May - 21 June

Smart ideas don’t al­ways have to be new ones. You can re-use some­thing and give it a mod­ern spin. A bit of in­ge­nu­ity, a dash of nos­tal­gia, and a slosh of sales talk? Sounds like a recipe for suc­cess.

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Can­cer 22 June - 23 July

The thing about tight spots is that they don’t last long. Once you’ve squeezed through, you’re OK. This week a job, a debt and a le­gal is­sue all need at­ten­tion at once – but only for one day.

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24 July - 23 Aug

A door to the fu­ture’s open but, when you peek in, there doesn’t seem to be any­thing there. That’s be­cause it’s full of po­ten­tial – but you must shape it. Would you pre­fer some­thing more clearly de­fined?

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Virgo 24 Aug - 23 Sep

A step up at work’s likely, but might also in­volve a move, not just to a dif­fer­ent depart­ment, but a new lo­ca­tion. If you’re not happy with that, it’s not a prob­lem, you can say no. But go­ing with the flow’s bet­ter…

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Libra 24 Sep - 23 Oct

Some­thing a bit loose needs to be tight­ened – and we’re not just talk­ing shoelaces! Terms and con­di­tions, things that need a sig­na­ture, or a sec­ond opin­ion, per­haps. Make sure they’re done prop­erly.

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Scorpio 24 Oct - 22 Nov

Ab­sence makes the heart grow fonder, they say, but it’s also true that if you don’t see enough of each other, it’s hard to main­tain the pas­sion. Don’t take each other for granted – a lit­tle af­fec­tion goes a long way.

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Sagittariu­s 23 Nov - 21 Dec

Re­mem­ber the three-point turn from the old driv­ing test? Half­way through, you’d be go­ing back­wards, wheels fac­ing the wrong way… that’s you now! Don’t worry, you’ll be on your way again soon.

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Capricorn 22 Dec - 20 Jan

A flare-up at work’s over as soon as it’s be­gun. What was that all about? Take it as be­ing like the first rum­ble of thun­der. There’ll be more to come – but if you’re pre­pared for it, you’ll han­dle it bet­ter.

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Aquarius 21 Jan - 19 Feb

There’s talk of new jobs, fresh starts and bet­ter fu­tures, but it also seems noth­ing can hap­pen for at least a fort­night, and there’s also the prob­lem of un­fin­ished busi­ness. So, be op­ti­mistic – but re­al­is­tic, too.

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20 Feb - 20 March

Pick­ing the right mo­ment isn’t easy. When things go well, it’s tempt­ing to wait and see if they get even bet­ter. But then they dip, and you lose your chance. Time to make your move now. A bird in the hand, and all that.

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