In a SPIN with my £1,206 win

I got a new wash­ing ma­chine with my win­nings!

Chat - - PROMOTION - Michelle Rad­ford, 41, Bris­tol

I love the great games and the lively chat

While my hus­band Marc, 40, watched the telly in our liv­ing room, I fired up the com­puter. There was noth­ing like re­lax­ing af­ter a long day. One of the things I like to do is play some of my favourite bingo games.

I first signed up to Chat Mag Bingo in 2010 af­ter see­ing an ad­vert. Looks like fun,

I’d thought.

The games were so easy to un­der­stand, and cha­t­rooms were al­ways very lively.

That’s what I loved most about play­ing bingo on­line was the so­cial as­pect, as I could

chat to other play­ers while the games were go­ing on. I was sur­prised by just how friendly ev­ery­body on the site was, and made sev­eral friends af­ter just a few weeks of play­ing.

Some of my friends and neigh­bours also signed up on my rec­om­men­da­tion, and we had a great laugh, chat­ting while we played to­gether. I re­ally en­joyed games like Bingo Lounge, and the slot game Dou­ble Bub­ble, but my all-time favourite game was Blox Bingo, which is quite new. The room has three col­umns laying ev­ery­thing out clearly. There were a se­lec­tion of mini-games on the left. The game info in the mid­dle, and the cha­t­room win­dow on the right.

I liked Blox Bingo as you al­ways got a bonus round when you bought six tick­ets.

In the bonus round, you played a fast paced and fun round of match­ing blocks. It’s bril­liant as you have the chance to win tick­ets for the next bingo game de­pend­ing on your score.

I’d had a few wins here and there over the years, then 20 June last year… there was quite a sur­prise in store.

That morn­ing, I bought six tick­ets for Blox Bingo.

While the game was still go­ing on, I got up and went to the kitchen to make a cup of cof­fee.

When I got back to my seat I was stunned to see over £1,000 sit­ting in my game ac­count!

‘How..?’ I mum­bled, com­pletely baf­fled.

When I checked my game his­tory, I learnt that I’d won just over £1,200 on a Full House while I was in the kitchen!

It took a few sec­onds for the re­al­i­sa­tion to kick in, as I was still in dis­be­lief.

But sud­denly I be­gan ex­cit­edly jump­ing up and down with joy!

Gig­gling, I raced up­stairs to tell Marc my good news.

‘What’s all this shout­ing about?’ asked Marc, as he emerged from our bed­room where he’d been rest­ing.

Two days ear­lier our wash­ing ma­chine had bro­ken, and Marc had hurt him­self re­mov­ing it from the kitchen.

He’d bro­ken two lig­a­ments and torn two mus­cles in his right shoul­der, which was in a sling, and he was still in a lot of pain.

‘I won the jack­pot!’ I beamed. ‘£1,000!’

I told him I would use my win­nings to buy us a new wash­ing ma­chine.

‘Bril­liant,’ he smiled, rolling his eyes.

With his arm in such agony, Marc must’ve had enough of hear­ing me harp on about the wash­ing ma­chine!

But I knew just how to cheer him up.

So, as well as the new wash­ing ma­chine, I de­cided to

treat Marc to a sea­son ticket for his beloved Bris­tol City Foot­ball Club.

Af­ter all, foot­ball is the way to a man’s heart!

As soon as I told Marc, the big­gest grin I’ve ever seen spread across his face!

But I didn’t stop there, as I couldn’t not treat our three chil­dren too.

So I took them out shop­ping and let them pick some things for them­selves.

As can be ex­pected, we came back with a few video games, DVDs and books.

But I was more than happy with my new wash­ing ma­chine.

Win­ning my £1,206 Full House on Chat Mag Bingo has been amaz­ing.

I’m still play­ing bingo, be­cause I love the great games and of course the lively chat is a win­ner.

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