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Mark in pants

There’s al­ways a white dis­charge from my vagina that stains. My GP says it’s nor­mal, but what is it? Wendy, Read­ing

Could be leu­c­or­rhoea, a mix of lu­bri­cat­ing se­cre­tions and dead skin cells from your vagina. It can in­crease due to hor­mones dur­ing preg­nancy or ado­les­cence.

Avoid douches or soap in that area, and see your GP if it be­comes smelly or causes ir­ri­ta­tion.

Lump fear

I’ve a lump on my cli­toris and it’s grow­ing. I’m ter­ri­fied it’s can­cer. Leah, Castle­ford

Can­cer isn’t likely, but see your GP. An in­flamed or ten­der swelling could mean a boil. Other­wise the most likely cause is a harm­less cyst of the sort that can oc­cur any­where.

If it’s trou­ble­some, your doc­tor might sug­gest a small op.

Dr Martin Ed­wards

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