‘Erm , it’s a bit... per­sonal’ Is he cheat­ing?

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I’ve been di­ag­nosed with gen­i­tal warts. Does it mean my part­ner’s been un­faith­ful? Rox­ana, Rawten­stall


Not nec­es­sar­ily. Gen­i­tal warts al­most al­ways arise through sex with some­one who’s in­fected, but a wart on your fin­ger could be the source. And they can lie dor­mant so ei­ther of you could have been in­fected from a for­mer re­la­tion­ship. Use a con­dom un­til you have com­pleted treat­ment.

Are my meds the rea­son? Q

My boyfriend says my vagina doesn’t taste right since I started tak­ing an­tibi­otics! Klara, Ac­ton


An­tibi­otics can kill some of the harm­less nat­u­ral bac­te­ria in your vagina, al­low­ing dif­fer­ent bugs to thrive. This might af­fect the way you taste down there. It should soon re­turn to nor­mal, but see your GP if not.

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