Sad my sis­ter’s cut me off



Two years ago. my niece, then 15, con­fided in me she was hav­ing sex and I gave her con­tra­cep­tive ad­vice. My sis­ter found out and hasn’t spo­ken to me since! She’s even banned me from see­ing my niece and nephew.

I’m dis­traught – you hear about es­tranged fam­i­lies but I never thought that it’d hap­pen to us. What can I do? Mar­i­lyn, 40


I can see both sides. You have to be an aunty the kids can turn to…but your sis­ter’s hurt she doesn't have that re­la­tion­ship with her daugh­ter.

You were right to give ad­vice, but you should have gone to your sis­ter. Go and see her, make her talk to you. Say you’re sorry, but that you both did wrong – and, as sis­ters, you have to move past this.

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