Three in a bed



My hus­band and I have a happy and lov­ing re­la­tion­ship – but lately, we’ve been talk­ing about bring­ing other peo­ple into our sex life.

It’s some­thing we’re both open to – but I do worry that, once that line has been crossed, there’s no go­ing back and it might change our mar­riage. Any ad­vice? Debs, 31


It will def­i­nitely change your mar­riage – for the bet­ter or not, I don’t know. When you bring a third per­son into the bed­room, there has to be 100 per cent trust. It’s not like watch­ing porn or talk­ing about a sex­ual fan­tasy. This is a real per­son you’re introducin­g, in the most in­ti­mate way. Will you feel jeal­ous if the woman has nicer boobs than you, is slim­mer, younger..?

You clearly al­ready have con­cerns, so my ad­vice is, don’t do it. Put on some porn in­stead.

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