And then ev­ery­thing changed!

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My on­col­o­gist smiled. ‘There’s no trace of cancer left,’ he said. Like me, he was amazed. I hadn’t ex­pected to be in re­mis­sion at all, never mind this quickly.

I’d need to fin­ish the course of chemo – an­other five months of hell – but this news kept me go­ing.

And to top it off, on Christ­mas

Eve, my part­ner pro­posed.

By April 2014, I’d fin­ished chemo, and scans were still look­ing good.

The treat­ment meant I’d lost a whop­ping 4st, too.

‘I’ve been given a sec­ond chance,’ I told my fella. ‘I have to make the most of it.’

And that meant mak­ing health­ier choices.

I moved back in with my man, restarted my job as a re­tail man­ager, started sav­ing for the wed­ding.

Then, in April 2016,

I was tuck­ing into lunch with a col­league when I no­ticed an aw­ful taste in my mouth.

‘This sand­wich tastes like metal,’ I shud­dered.

‘That’s a sign of preg­nancy,’ she said. It canÕt be... Scans at the end of my treat­ment had con­firmed all my eggs had been de­stroyed.

Even so, I nipped to the chemist to grab a preg­nancy test. And, sit­ting in the loo at work, I was stunned by two blue lines.

I called Mum, my part­ner. We were all de­lighted. I loved be­ing preg­nant, be­wil­dered that I was grow­ing a new life when I thought I’d be dead.

When Leo was born in Jan­uary 2017, at 7lb 12oz, I felt like the luck­i­est woman alive.

But life as a mum wasn’t per­fect. Doc­tors di­ag­nosed me with post­na­tal de­pres­sion, and I turned back to food for com­fort.

By the time my fella and I mar­ried that June,

I was back to my big­gest, squeez­ing into a size-22 wed­ding dress.

Look­ing at the pho­tos, I felt sick.

I’d been given a sec­ond chance, a mir­a­cle baby boy

– yet I was squan­der­ing it all.

It was time to change.

A few days later, I signed up to WW (formerly Weight Watch­ers).

After years strug­gling, its plan re­ally clicked with me. The weight started drop­ping off – and by April 2018, I had shed 5st.

Just in time for a mate’s hen do in Mar­bella.

Loung­ing in my size-14 cossie, I felt con­fi­dent for the first time in years.

I’d lost an­other 4st by last Novem­ber, tak­ing me down to 9st 1lb.

Sadly, my mar­riage broke down and we’ve since split. I’m with a new part­ner, Dar­ren, now – and while it’s early days, I’m hap­pier than ever.

I’m main­tain­ing my size-8 fig­ure, have my beau­ti­ful lit­tle boy, 2, to dote on, and I’m healthy.

I won’t take life for granted again.

A sec­ond chance... I had to make the most of it

Happy, healthy me!

With Dar­ren and mir­a­cle Leo

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