3 tips to deal with…

Noisy next-door neigh­bours

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1 We’ve all been there – and es­pe­cially if it’s af­fect­ing your sleep, it can drive you potty.

Rant­ing and rav­ing is tempt­ing, but try to ap­proach your neigh­bour calmly and po­litely. You’ll find most peo­ple re­spond bet­ter to a po­lite ver­bal re­quest than a grumpy note of com­plaint through their let­ter­box.

2 Ex­plain clearly what your con­cern is, and why it’s caus­ing a prob­lem. Your neigh­bour may not have a clue that they’re be­ing a nui­sance and dis­rupt­ing your happy home.

3 Re­mem­ber that you’re seek­ing a so­lu­tion and not a hos­tile stand-off. You still have to live next door to these peo­ple. And no-one wants to be at war with their neigh­bours!

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