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The an­swers to all but one of these quiz ques­tions can be found hid­den in this wordsearch grid, read­ing for­wards, back­wards, up, down or di­ag­o­nally. To help you, we’ll tell you that the an­swers are in al­pha­bet­i­cal or­der in each sec­tion. How­ever, one an­swer can’t be found in the grid. This is your prize an­swer. See page 60 for en­try de­tails.


1 What ad­jec­tive com­pletes the ti­tle of the 1967 war film star­ring Lee Marvin,

The ... Dozen? (5) 2 Which co­me­dian starred in the 2003 film Cheaper by the Dozen? (5,6) 3 Most fa­mous for play­ing a lol­lipop-lov­ing TV de­tec­tive in the 1970s, who starred in the 1988 se­quel of the film men­tioned in Ques­tion 1? (5,7)


4 Which Caribbean is­land has Kingston as its cap­i­tal? (7) 5 Trenton is the cap­i­tal of which US state? (3,6) 6 Which Pa­cific is­land state is also known as the Friendly Is­lands? (5)


7 In le­gend, what was the name of King Arthur’s court? (7) 8 El Gordo, mean­ing ‘the fat one’, is the name of the lot­tery in which Euro­pean coun­try? (5) 9 What type of flower is a lo­tus? (9) MANY

10 What is the cap­i­tal city of Germany? (6) 11 Ac­cord­ing to the proverb, what do many hands make? (5,4)

12 Many a New Day is a song from which Rodgers and Ham­mer­stein mu­si­cal? (8) LOADS

13 The Down­load mu­sic fes­ti­val takes place each year at which Le­ices­ter­shire venue? (9,4) 14 Which co­me­dian cre­ated the char­ac­ter of Load­sa­money? (5,7) 15 The 2003 se­quel to which sci-fi film of 1999 was sub­ti­tled Reloaded? (3,6)

1. Name Lee’s war movie 3. Who’s be­hind the lol­lipop?

6. You can ex­pect a warm wel­come here…

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