Pan­ick­ing over my big leg!

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QMy left leg has be­come swollen and puffy, and my doc­tor’s sent me for ur­gent tests. Is it se­ri­ous? Mary, Carlisle

A Swollen legs and puffy an­kles are com­mon, es­pe­cially in warm weather, and of­ten don’t mean any­thing.

But some causes can be se­ri­ous, par­tic­u­larly when just one leg’s swollen.

One pos­si­bil­ity is a DVT, a clot in the deep veins in­side your leg. An­other is block­age of the lymph ves­sels (which drain ex­cess fluid from your leg), some­times due to can­cer in­vad­ing lymph glands.

Preg­nancy, a can­cer­ous tu­mour or a lump in your pelvis, such as a large cyst on your ovary, might also cause your leg to swell.

Tests might in­clude urine and blood tests, an ul­tra­sound scan of your pelvis and groin, X-rays and a Doppler scan to check blood flow in your legs.

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