In Oc­to­ber 2016, judges found Veron­ica Panarello guilty of mur­der and con­ceal­ing a body.

‘It’s your fault,

I’ll kill you with my hands,’ Veron­ica yelled at An­drea Sti­val through sobs, as the verdict was read out.

She was jailed for 30 years.

Pros­e­cu­tor Marco Rota called Veron­ica an ‘ego­cen­tric, ma­nip­u­la­tive liar’.

‘There is no sat­is­fac­tion with the sen­tence, [only] the knowl­edge of hav­ing done our duty,’ he added.

Hus­band Da­vide Sti­val has since di­vorced Veron­ica and is now su­ing his es­tranged wife for €2mil­lion – around £1.8mil­lion.

‘He lost his son, his wife and his job. His life is de­stroyed,’ Da­vide’s lawyer Daniele Scro­fani told the Press.

‘Da­vide has mixed emo­tions about the sen­tence. On one hand, he is glad the mur­derer of his son is jailed, but he is in pain about the fact that the mur­derer is his wife.

‘She was never vi­o­lent to­wards their chil­dren. She seemed a per­fect mother.’

An­drea Sti­val, who’s never been charged in re­la­tion to Loris’ death, has said he also plans to sue his daugh­ter-in­law for slan­der.

Hus­band Da­vide has since di­vorced Veron­ica

Panarello: ‘An ego­cen­tric liar’

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