Big sis is such a show-off



My older sis­ter is loud and down­right OTT. At my birth­day bash, she even leaned across and blew out my can­dles! At an­other party, she drunk­enly kissed my neigh­bour’s hus­band and they haven’t spo­ken to me since.

My sis­ter finds it hys­ter­i­cal, and tells me to chill. Now I’ve met a new man and don’t trust her around him. What do I do? Adele, 45


Oh, blimey! I can see you feel pushed out by your sis­ter – per­haps she’s an ex­hi­bi­tion­ist and you’re more re­served.

You can choose your friends, not your fam­ily – but, while you don’t have to be best mates, she’s still your sis­ter.

So just have a word. Tell her to calm down and leave your birth­day cake – and other peo­ple’s hus­bands – alone!

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