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I threw away all the take­away menus

Dry­ing my­self off, I de­cided it was time for dras­tic ac­tion.

So, af­ter years of do­ing noth­ing but eat, I joined my lo­cal Slimming World group.

Walk­ing in to my first weigh-in was the hard­est thing I’ve ever done.

But I found my­self sur­rounded by women just like me.

Some at the be­gin­ning of their jour­ney, some in the mid­dle and some al­ready at their tar­get weight.

But they’d all been where I was, knew ex­actly how I felt.

‘You can do this,’ one grinned, en­cour­ag­ingly.

And the sup­port I got from the other women in my group was in­cred­i­ble.

Feel­ings of shame and em­bar­rass­ment were re­placed with am­bi­tion and ac­com­plish­ment.

They shared recipes for high-pro­tein meals, tips on liv­ing a health­ier life­style.

One of those tips was to pho­to­graph meals, which I did, as well as keeping a writ­ten food di­ary.

I’d scrib­ble down ev­ery meal and re­flect on it each day.

I also threw away all the take­away menus, and deleted their num­bers from my phone.

‘Wow, you’re re­ally se­ri­ous about this, aren’t you?’ Ian said to me, smil­ing.

‘It’s a lit­tle ex­treme,’ I ad­mit­ted, blush­ing. ‘But I’m de­ter­mined.’

I swapped greasy cur­ries and fast food for jacket pota­toes, chicken and veg.

Ian didn’t mind the dras­tic change in my eat­ing habits. He just wanted me to be happy and healthy.

Be­sides, the Slimming World recipes are de­li­cious, fill­ing and nu­tri­tious.

I learnt por­tion con­trol, and halved my plate sizes.

It was tough but, af­ter the sec­ond week, I’d lost 11½lb.

As you can imag­ine, I was deeply proud of my­self!

Six months into my bat­tle, I re­alised that my mas­sive, baggy tops and T-shirts hung off me.

And my huge jog­ging bot­toms were far too big. I was chuffed to bits!

In 18 months, I won Slim­mer of the Month six times. And I lost a whop­ping 14st!

I could even squeeze into the skinny jeans I wore be­fore we mar­ried.

My old strappy tops and skirts fit­ted me again, too.

This Septem­ber, ev­ery­one in my group cheered when I hit my 16st tar­get.

I was back to a size 14, too. I felt sen­sa­tional. To cel­e­brate, Ian and my fam­ily took me out to din­ner, though I stuck to my healthy-eat­ing regime.

‘There’s no go­ing back – ever!’ I cheered, munch­ing on a healthy salad.

But I’m not done yet.

I’d like to get to size 12, but the last lit­tle bit is al­ways the hard­est.

Ian never wa­vered in his love for me, but it’s made a world of dif­fer­ence to our mar­riage.

He’s no longer my carer, we go for ro­man­tic walks.

I can help with the wash­ing, clean­ing and tidy­ing – mean­ing there’s more time for other, more fun things.

And, these days, if Ian ever hops in the shower with me, it’s not to help me wash!

Over­joyed! In my skinny jeans again

Me and Ian are hav­ing more fun

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