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3 ways to… earn money from your love of pets

Are you an an­i­mal lover? You could see cash come rolling in by look­ing af­ter them. Here’s how…

1 Get walk­ing

You could bag big money by dog-walk­ing. Ad­ver­tise lo­cally or sign up with a web­site like that puts prospec­tive walk­ers in touch with peo­ple who need their dogs walked (although you’ll pay com­mis­sion on your earn­ings to the site if you take that route). The amount you can earn varies but you can typ­i­cally get about £10–20 per hour walk so the money can quickly add up, es­pe­cially if you get some reg­u­lar clients. Plus it’s great ex­er­cise too!

2 Be­come a sit­ter

If you pre­fer to stay in­doors, you can still make cash by vis­it­ing peo­ple’s pets in their homes when they’re away. And if you’re not a dog fan, there are other an­i­mals you can look af­ter. You’ll need to feed them, give them clean wa­ter and any med­i­ca­tion – and you’ll of­ten be asked to play with them too. The amount you can earn varies, but you could get £8–£15 per visit.

3 Tak­ing it fur-ther

You could ex­pand into pet groom­ing, which can be lu­cra­tive. How­ever, there are prac­ti­cal­i­ties to con­sider. There’s a great guide on how to start your own pet-groom­ing busi­ness at*.

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