Ap­ple and mince­meat strudel

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This is an old-school clas­sic with a nod to the up­com­ing fes­tive sea­son. SERVES 6 PREP TIME 15 MINS COOK TIME 45 MINS 700g Bram­ley ap­ples, cored, quar­tered and cut into chunks 50g light mus­co­v­ado su­gar 1tsp ground cin­na­mon 1tbsp le­mon juice 125g cran­berry mince­meat 270g pack (6 sheets) filo pas­try

60g but­ter, melted

30g bread­crumbs 175g ic­ing su­gar, sieved 1-2tbsp le­mon juice 1 Put the ap­ples in a pan with the mus­co­v­ado su­gar, cin­na­mon, le­mon juice and 1tbsp water. Cover and heat gen­tly for 15 mins to soften the ap­ples. Stir in the mince­meat and leave to cool slightly. Heat the oven to 180C/Gas 4. 2 Place 2 sheets of the filo pas­try, over­lap­ping by 8cm, on a greased and lined bak­ing tray. Brush all over with melted but­ter. Re­peat twice with the re­main­ing filo pas­try. 3 Scat­ter the bread­crumbs over the top. Spoon the ap­ple mix­ture down the mid­dle of the pas­try, along the seam. Roll up the pas­try around it, fold­ing over the ends and mak­ing sure the fold is on the un­der­side. Cut a few slashes in the top. Bake for 25-30 mins, un­til golden. 4 Mix the ic­ing su­gar with the le­mon juice to make a smooth pip­ing con­sis­tency. Driz­zle, or pipe, ic­ing in a zigzag pat­tern over the strudel.

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