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21 March-20 April

Plan a day trip somewhere fun. It’s perfectly possible, as you’ve made more time in your life to fit in all of your interests. You want to make the most of things.

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21 April-21 May

There are times when the workload becomes too much and you need to take a break. Try to find new ways to focus on the task in hand and lighten the load.

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22 May-21 June

You might be choosing a career others around you don’t agree with, as it’s not the ‘responsibl­e’ thing to do. Trust your gut, as this is your life’s passion.

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22 June-23 July

With each attempt you make to get fit, look at the bigger picture and set long-term goals. Try walking a certain number of steps daily or joining an HIIT class.

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24 July-23 Aug

Why not plan an exciting social event? It’s time you let your hair down with your friends, as you will have felt that you were missing out on life in the past.

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24 Aug-23 Sep

You like your own space and need alone time. Put yourself first, think about your own wellbeing and how much solitary time you need so you can allow for it.

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24 Sep-23 Oct

You may be thinking of buying or selling a house, or making long-term changes. Seek advice from a friend who works in property, as it’s good to delve deeper.

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24 Oct-22 Nov

You’re feeling romantic, and a champagne breakfast or a picnic will be just the ticket. Your partner will appreciate the gesture and they may have a surprise for you, too.

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23 Nov-21 Dec

You’re planning a holiday with your partner. You may find you want to holiday closer to home and can find some good deals online. Make a quick decision.

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22 Dec-20 Jan

You’re alert to the fact that not everyone is honest and people can take advantage. While this attitude helps with business, it can be detrimenta­l to romance.

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21 Jan-19 Feb

A visit to a garden centre inspires you. You may even be thinking of putting in a water feature to attract more local wildlife, such as birds and butterflie­s.

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20 Feb-20 March

You have the urge to isolate to recover your balance. Only you can create a source of inspiratio­n. Maybe place a cosy chair in a corner of your living space.

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