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Our weekly showcase of the wonderful world that is Truly. This issue, Elisane Da Cruz Silva tells us how her love took her to new heights...

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When Elisane walked into Francinald­o’s workplace, he was smitten instantly. And, although the striking Brazilian beauty towered over him, he quickly fell in love.

‘And so did she,’ he grins, besotted.

But something about the couple attracted stares wherever they went.

At a lofty 6ft 9in, Elisane is over 1ft 5in taller than her compact beau, who stands at 5ft 4in.

Yet within two years, they were married.

They’ve now been happily wed for six years and together for eight.

Three years ago, their first son Angelo was born, and they were over the moon to have started a family.

But it hadn’t been an easy journey, as Elisane had sadly lost her first pregnancy.

It was particular­ly difficult when they were told they had been expecting twins.

Elisane says tearfully, ‘It still hurts, it was my dream to be a mother, and for the doctor to tell me that I lost two, that they were twins, I was in despair. I cried on my own so no-one could see.

‘Now Angelo is here. It was the happiest moment when he was born.

‘The doctors used to say that because of my height I wouldn’t be able to have a normal birth.

‘Thank God it all went well. He was born without any problems.’

Angelo was born weighing a relatively small 5lb 12oz, compared to his mother’s stature, but healthy.

Although the couple finally feel like they’ve become the happy family they’ve always dreamt of, onlookers still judge their relationsh­ip because of their height difference.

‘When we go out in public we can see people smirking, looking at us – even if they don’t say anything, you can tell they are judging us.

‘The prejudice of some people used to be too much.

‘I suffered a lot, and had depression.

‘So if they say anything now, I don’t pay attention any more. I just ignore them,’ Elisane says.

The judgement even came from family members, who used to disagree with

‘When we go out, we see people looking at us’

the couple’s relationsh­ip when they first got together.

Francinald­o’s aunt Socorro says, ‘I thought it was a bit strange, because of her height.

‘I thought the marriage wouldn’t work, especially when he said they were moving in together – my opinion has changed.’

Now the family look forward to a bright future together, and Elisane hopes to one day make it as a profession­al model.

Francinald­o says, ‘What I expect for the future, for the three of us, is that she becomes successful with her modelling career, as that’s her dream.

‘So that we can give a good future for our son, put him in school so he can follow his path and have a good future.

‘For me, the most important thing is that

I can teach my family to always be together and

I can provide the best for my son and for my wife as well.

‘I want to be a good father for my son. I’m going to guide him.

‘All I learnt from my father, I want to teach him.

‘If we have another child, I will do the same. Elisane doesn’t want to have another, but I want to have at least one more!’

Laughing, Elisane adds, ‘There are many people who stay together because of the children, but we are together because we like each other – we like the family we are building.’

 ??  ?? Size doesn’t matter for this pair
Size doesn’t matter for this pair
 ??  ?? Love lifts them up...
Made for each other!
Love lifts them up... Made for each other!
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