Time for a suntan ban?


QI love my tan and use a sunbed in the winter, but my partner says they’re not safe. Surely that’s not right? Meg, Selby

ASunbathin­g can help you sleep better, reduce depression, increase vitamin-D levels and possibly boost your immune system. But it can also damage skin and cause cancer.

Sunbeds or tanning lamps carry the same dangers as outdoor sunbathing and can leave your skin prematurel­y aged, leathery and wrinkled, besides increasing the risk of skin cancer. Sunbeds can damage your eyes if you don’t wear protective goggles.

Commercial sunbeds are regulated and are illegal for under-18s. Limit your time on them and don’t use one at all if you have very fair skin, are prone to burning, have had skin cancer or have lots of freckles or moles.

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