Overwhelme­d with grief


QI’m grieving and finding it hard to cope. Last year, my best friend died suddenly at just 38 and then my uncle died due to COVID-19.

Now my stepmum has been diagnosed with cancer and has just six months to live.

I don’t know how to deal with it all. I’m feeling overwhelme­d. Any advice? Natalie, 36

AI’m so sorry, petal. What a horribly tough time you’ve been having. My advice to anyone who is grieving is to let others help. Family and friends hate to see us suffer, but often don’t know what to do for us.

I’m sure the people who love you will be queuing up to offer support if you let them. Bereavemen­t charities or counsellin­g could also help.

Remember the people you’ve lost, talk about them and think of the good times.

I’m sending you nothing but my condolence­s. I’ll never say it gets easier, but you do learn to live with the pain.

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