Worth every penny


Knowing time wasn’t on my side, I pushed on with my research. Found a surgeon in Belgium who could do a gastric bypass in just two weeks’ time.

It almost seemed too good to be true.

Only problem was, it would cost £5,000.

I have to do this, for me and Sophie, I thought.

So I secured a loan, and before I knew it, in November 2014, I was packing my suitcase. I worried, though. After all, my previous weight-loss surgery had failed miserably.

What if this one does, too?

Only, diets hadn’t worked – I’d run out of options.

The bypass was performed via keyhole surgery, and I recovered quickly, flying home after just two days.

It was tough, eating a liquid diet followed by miniscule portions.

Yet, within two weeks, I’d lost a stone.

‘Mummy can do this,’ I grinned to Sophie.

The weight continued to melt off, and in a few months I’d lost 6st.

Hitting the gym, too, 18 months later, I’d hit my goal of 11st 7lb, and loved the new, slim me.

I’d reversed all my health issues, including my type 2 diabetes.

Best of all, I could race around the park after Sophie.

Only, such rapid weight loss had left me drowning in excess skin.

When I did Boxercise, it got in the way.

It was sore, itchy. Plus, I’d have to tuck it into my Lycra leggings.

By March 2019, I’d managed to secure another loan of £8,000 to have my first skin-removal procedure on my tummy.

A lipoabdomi­noplasty, as well as a breast uplift and implants.

I was so chuffed with the results, I saved up for a second skin-removal procedure, for my thighs, in November 2020.

Recovery was painful and slow, but worth it to get the body I’d always dreamt of.

Nothing could stop me, and with less sore skin getting in the way, I really ramped up my training at the gym.

‘Have you thought about doing this profession­ally?’ suggested my boxing instructor.

So I started entering competitio­ns – and, soon enough, I had a trophy in my hand.

My friends and family were so proud of me.

When I show Sophie pictures of what I looked like before, she doesn’t even realise it was me.

During the COVID-19 lockdowns, I became a qualified personal trainer, dedicated to offering advice to people who struggled with their weight, like

I had.

‘Believe you can, and you’re already halfway there!’ I beamed to my Instagram followers. It’s not always easy. Sometimes,

I stand in front of the mirror and don’t recognise myself.

It’s hard to believe this smooth, healthy bod is mine.

I’m a strong

10st 7lb and size 10.

And I’m so grateful I can be an active mum for Sophie, now 7.

Just knowing I’m not going to miss out on any treasured memories with her makes my journey worth it.

Transformi­ng my body might have cost me £20,000, but I’ve no regrets.

I can’t put a price on getting my life back.

It’s hard to believe this smooth, healthy bod is mine!

 ?? ?? My health issues have been reversed
So proud of the new me!
My health issues have been reversed So proud of the new me!
 ?? ??

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