The Woman’s Aid #DeserveToB­eHeard campaign highlights the devastatin­g impact domestic abuse has on the mental health of women and their children. The campaign aims to ensure the mental health needs of women are heard and responded half Research of to women effectivel­y. shows in refuges almost have reported feeling depressed or having suicidal thoughts as a direct result of domestic abuse. But these figures are just the tip of the iceberg, as stigma and fear around disclosing mental-health problems prevent many women from speaking up. Support is failing survivors – fewer than one in five refuges have trained mentalheal­th support workers, and women face huge barriers in accessing support – from long waiting times, victim-blaming and communicat­ion barriers to the stigmatisa­tion of mental of trauma-informed health and lack responses and services. #DeserveToB­eHeard calls on the Government to fund and work with specialist domestic include abuse resources services; to for therapeuti­c and holistic mental-health support; to recognise domestic abuse as a driver of women’s ailing mental health in the upcoming Women’s Health Strategy, and to ensure the new Health and Care Bill reforms put the voices of survivors and specialist women’s services at the heart of decision-making.

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